Bulk Jobs Advertising

Original price was: £1,000.00.Current price is: £800.00.

Have you got 10 or more jobs to advertise? Select the bulk upload feature and get multiple listings for over 20% less!


Have you got multiple job vacancies? Our Bulk Jobs Advertising can save you 20% on your job advertising budget and allow you to send us to upload all job vacancies for less  on Legal Jobs London:

  • Post 10 jobs for only £800  per month that  they are active for (meaning £80 per job posts)
  • Simple Job Posts Listing
  • We share your new vacancies on LinkedIn across the month giving you maximum exposure.

How it works?

  1. Complete your order
  2. Submit a CSV file containing your ten jobs posts
  3. Our team will create the posts for you and this will be visible in your job management portal
  4. Jobs usually appear 2 working days after the completion of your order due to the demand
  5. Our team will share you jobs posts across our network (including social media)


  1. What if I have more than 10 jobs posts? A. You can select blocks of 10 jobs posts – so if you have 30 jobs available to advertise, simply select the quantity as 3.
  2. What if I only have 5 jobs posts? A, You will need to purchase individual Simple or Featured job listings to advertise each job. You can althernatively purchase our Managed Job Post solution which allows us to manage up to 5 jobs posts for you.
  3. What happens if one of the position is closed? A. You will be able to de-list the job post in your login area
  4. What if I have more than 10 but less than 20 jobs to advertise? We recommend contacting us in which you will be able to order and pay via a different method.

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